What’s for dinner?

So today, let us take a look at our food.

Every day we have to eat. We normally start with breakfast, then have lunch, eat dinner and some things in-between like fruits, sweets or something else we crave for. So, what about our food?

Have you heard of the “Codex Alimentarius”?

First of all: What is that codex?

It means “food code” and was officially invented 1962/63 by the WHO and the FAQ to introduce standards in food production, trade, hygiene, ingredients, nutrition and everything you can imagine. The main purpose, so the codex itself says is protecting “health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.”

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But the codex and it’s goals are quite controversial.

On the one hand there are the supporters whose arguments for the codex are: that it may help to build international and binding standards that will be able to help and assure people of the positive effects of the code for food production and as an effect of that for the consumers. Everything which could possibly be declared as food is regulated and defined, even ‘Mineral Water’.

On the other hand there are opponents that say quite the opposite. Small countries or developing countries could be disadvantaged also regional products, that may not withstand the standards because of their mode of production or so, and therefore could be banned from the market. Furthermore the codex could overthrow existing standards or strict regulations made by countries or regions.

Some of the biggest supporters of the code are giant food companies, that take part in many more activities than only producing food. The most terrifying example is Monsanto.

This ‘food producer’ is not only food producer, but a “multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation” that not only invented “Agent Orange” which came to public attention in the Vietnam War but also holds 90% of the various genetically engineered seeds worldwide. Founded in 1901 it bought and sold many different companies over the last century. Monsanto introduced saccharine (artificial sweetener) to the market. The list could be continued forever.

Monsanto also brought many small farmers to trial because they saved seeds for the following year, which is so to speak ‘verboten’. In question is also their production of the so called ‘Terminator seed‘ which produces sterile seeds so farmers have to buy new seeds every year and are not allowed to grow their own. Yes, right! Plants that are not able to reproduce themselves.

Though the question arises, why it should be necessary to produce sterile seeds, why it should be a welcome development if you patent genes and their combinations (pigs for example) so no-one is allowed to breed pigs that have the genes except you pay for the patent, Monsanto won this and many other trials.

So let’s consider that:

There is a codex, which  standardized food, food production, ingredients and  so on. A code which is supported mostly by big corporations and organisations for the purpose of public health and consumer safety.

This is what we are made to believe.

Then there are voices who are maybe not as official as all the others and are maybe even in question, but perhaps there is at least a little bit of truth to find.

For example Dr. Rima Laibow from the Natural Solution Foundation, who claims that the code will be used to control food supply and therefore what will be offered and declared as ‘food’ as a whole, that it will control what is allowed and what is prohibited as food/drinks and as food/drinks ingredients. If you’re interested in what she’s got to say take a look here.

It doesn’t really matter who of them is right, because one thing seems very clear: We don’t have a clue what is inside of our food or drinks, even if it is water.

Also nobody could control the gigantic corporation-government machine which imposes all these things on us.

And if you don’t believe in long term planning of the governments or corporations or organisations I have one last thing to tell you:

As it was stated at the beginning of this post, the “Codex Alimentarius” was invented in 1962/63 and was then planned to go global in december 2009.

I’m just wondering…


Would you please leave your fingerprint here, there and anywhere?

So the path is clear! Prepare yourselves because now it really is starting.

What? Why? Nothing happened? Well yes and no. So if you’ve read yesterday’s post you should have realized what happened in Germany. So they voted, the ‘new’ administration is now being created. So what is their agenda?

First and foremost it will be making germany ‘saver’. Therefore they will censor the internet, they’ve already enhanced police presence in railway stations, airports and public buildings. Justified by a terror thread that arrived just a few weeks before the election and which stated Germany should draw its troops from Afghanistan. Which they won’t, of course.

But that’s not the half of it: What was started by the last administration will be expanded by the ‘new one’ – the e-identity card.

What started with the international passport will now be extended to a much bigger scale. Interesting as well is, that this takes place all over the world. Let’s take a look at Scotland.

Foreign students were instructed by their teachers and professors to regularly verify their status as a student by using their ID-card, which already includes this chip. If they don’t align with that, people could come to the conclusion that they’d rather look for work than study. Isn’t that a nice conclusion?

So, we all seem to become terrorists. It starts with the ID-card which is equipped with a RFID-chip. Ever heard of that? If not, here’s a small abstract:

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. It is a very small chip which works as said above by radio frequency. It can be read by normal radio frequency scanning antennas mounted on the telephone poles and can be tracked in real time by ordinary windows systems.

So, in the US they’re a few steps ahead of us. There they’ve been trying for quite some time now to implant those chips under the skins  (called subcutaneous) of homeless people. Don’t believe it? Then take a look here and there and look it up for yourself.

It’s being used for a long time now to identify lost animals. With a radio frequency reader you can read the chip. Depending on the range of the chip and the reader, it is possible to read it up to 10 meters in range or more. By everyone who’s got a reader. Even in shops on the streets or when you’re sitting in a cafe: unnoticed, strangers will be able to get information about you, by you.

So (like the UK) Germany wanted to order every citizen to register their fingerprints, which would have been saved to create a database, which would enable police, Intelligence and so on, to identify every single person so to speak by touch. (In the busses even by your saliva. Because propaganda has it, that in the busses every bus driver and all other personal have a DNA testing kit. “And your DNA will be save for ever!”)

And everybody I talked to didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was talking about, because they hadn’t even heard of that project. Why? Because mass media doesn’t want to inform the public. Like Angela Merkel once said in the Parliament: “Some decisions don’t need to be discussed, they have to be made.” And a nice one is that, where she explains her interpretation of homeland security.

But thanks to data privacy protection the fingerprint was declared a “free decision”. So people who don’t want their fingerprints to be on the ID-card needn’t do it. But there is this governmental slight of hand, which could bring those, who don’t want to become a transparent citizen, to authority’s attention. Because, when you know, whose fingerprints you’ve got, you know, whose you don’t have.

With questions like: “Why don’t you want to give your fingerprints, if there’s nothing to hide!” is the one most likely to be asked. Surely one of the silliest questions, but either way, you will be made a suspect. Though lack of reason.

And again no one pays attention. A little demonstration here and there, nothing special. Some even think it is right. I call that global fascism.

But as time passes and all their projects progress the time will come when you’re woken up by officers, who were traffic wardens at least once upon a time, who kick your front door off its hinges and yourself onto your knees. Maybe because you’re the only one without a chip, maybe because you’re unemployed, or because you didn’t want to give your fingerprints, or maybe because you have a different believe system or because you had the wrong things for breakfast.

Whatever reason, they’ll find one to get you.

And for everyone, who doesn’t believe it, who thinks that things like that are impossible to be happening in our ‘modern and civilized’ society, I really recommend some history lessons. Look at what happened and still is happening all over the world, justified by the war on terror. Day by day in front of our eyes.

So I use the words of Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t trade unionist. Then they came for the jews, and I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

Don’t fall for their lies. Inform yourself and THINK for yourself.

Getting the sundays

Sunday! Maybe not the best, but also not the worst day of the week. But today is ‘special’. Why? Because in one european country people will vote today (or are voting as I write).

But why is it so  important to vote? And another question is: Do we really have a choice?

But let’s start at the beginning: In most countries  you get to vote every four years or at least administrations are chosen for a quite similar period of time.  We also find two parties mostly, which change every few years, so that it seems as if we had choice. But what changes after the administration changes? In my opinion: Not very much, if at all. It seems like every party changes law, society and their politics in general, only for the benefits of economy.

So then, let’s take a look at what happened a year ago.

The so called world economy was nearly destroyed, at least weakened on a global scale. Most of the banks had traded so called certificates, which were neither a worth in itself, nor had any kind of value at all. So you can take it quite literally, when I come to the conclusion that money was not only made out of debt, which in itself is not in any way a worth or value, but were being made a value. How is it possible, to create value out of thin air? How can debts be worth even a penny?

To narrow down what I mean, I want to give you a simple example:

Mr. B. has no money. So he goes to a bank asking for a credit or loan. He wants to buy a house, but can’t afford it without the help of one of those credit institutions. Nothing special until this point. So let’s move on.

The bank gives him the credit, Mr. B. buys a house and everybody is happy. Mr. B . because he got the money, the bank because they will get the interest added to the amount of money Mr. B. is already in debt for. So we see, the chance of Mr. B. to repay the debts will get smaller and smaller the longer he can not pay off the credit and the interest added to it. And he won’t, which means there was nothing and now there is just more of it.

So then the bankers have a good idea: Why don’t we sell the credits to another bank, who sells it to customers, who believe it to be value, something that has a worth  and therefore will make their amount of money grow.

Now the snake bites off its own tail. Banks sold certificates, which were given worth by the institutions who are further financed by the credit institutions who sell the certificates. They acted in the interest of the institutions, not in the interest of the customer. Why? Money! Simple as that. The question is where to make the biggest amount of  money, in a short period of time, not what happens in the future or what happens to the people buying those worthless pieces of paper with the money they saved for maybe years. They change worth (the money of the buyers) into debts which equals nothing or a negative number. Mh, now I understand why nobody could have foreseen a breakdown!

So when this unbelievably corrupt system broke down, the otherwise so independent banking system called for the help of the government. So then worldwide the governments pumped billions and billions of dollars, euros, pounds and whatever currency you can imagine, into the banking system, which was the origin of the problem itself. So when the countries announced they wanted to have a say in the following process of restructuring and reorganizing the system, maybe establish new rules, the bankers were morally outraged.

“This is a private economy!” most of them said. Everything was pushed into the ‘comunist corner’ and declared as the wrong way to handle the financial crisis. It seemed to be a normality to get the money out of the pockets of the public without giving it any right to control any activities taken by the banks.

Now, one year after that, nothing has changed. The G20 in Pittsburgh took place, the countries declared themselves to the world financial administration, and in addition the G8 became the G20. They tried to introduce new rules regarding manager’s salaries, the equity capital and international control of the international finance market. And already the managers fear for their benefits and bonuses. Poor managers! How should they live with only 1.000.000 mio a year? This is poverty…

So, what has all of that to do with the voting for a government anywhere?

Answer is simple: A country where there is no money to help the poor, children and old people, that privatized many different public sectors over the last ten years, for the loss of influence of the public; a country in which thousands of young people don’t get an apprenticeship training position, a job or university place and so on, pumped billions of euros into the banking system who just created their own break down.

But who pays for that? Could it be the population? Oh yeah, right. ALL of us, ALL of our children and grandchildren are going to pay these debts – and the interests added to it- to whether the World Bank or the European Central Bank. I think, there’s no big difference to it.

But what is becoming pretty obvious is, that we will pay the bill, which some of the riches people of the world caused out of their craving for money and might. And shortsighted they tripped, stumbled and fell over their own excess and took the public hand given to them in knowledge of the importance of money and economy, to which all the globe depends on. It’s just a case of pressure being answered, wishes being fulfilled by administrations that have been and will be part of the money making- either way.

So, what do you want to vote for? Do you want a corrupt state, giving money to the ones who socialize the debts and privatize the earnings? So less and less money flows back into the system which created the value in the first place? So the country becomes poorer and poorer and therefore more and more countries dependent on the businesses and companies and corporations, which only want money but not the responsibility for their actions? We’re -the population –  just money with a pair of legs, to walk on – not much really.

So here’s the point: People don’ t have choice really. It is the choice between people who work for lobbies, and people who work for lobbies and politics. What choice is that?

The connections between politics and lobbying was proven publicly by a document which was addressed to all parties in the german election campaign this year by the nuclear lobby. It asked the politicians to convince people, who are undecided about this matter, of the positive effect of nuclear power plants in ecology. Ignoring the question of what happens to the nuclear waste, where and how to store it and why the number of children being ill of cancer, such as leukaemia, when living near a nuclear power plant is growing rapidly. In short: Lies and money over truth and responsibility. So, nothing to do with politics at all, eh?

So the population seems to be used as “voting fodder” for the ones in charge. Wether it is to be in charge again or to declare the interests of the various lobbies as their own political solutions for all of the problems of the country, is not the only matter a voter might think about before giving his/her vote.

The questions everybody should think about are:

Can the system really be changed by voting?

No. Because the interests stay the same in every administration.

Is the system unchangeable then?

No, a system made by people can be changed by them. But there would have to be someone who is interested in changing it, not just saying so to get votes.

Can politics change itself?

Of course not! How can a political system, that is in the hands of politicians and lobbyists, which is all about the wealth of the few, not of the whole population, change itself? It can’t!

What can we do?

Go and vote! Try to be sceptic, think about your goals in life, what do you want yourself, your children, the environment and society to become? You have to answer these questions for yourself first before you can do and change something. Don’t stick to a party because it has been like that for the last 30 years! Reflect and think about a world changing day by day, know that there are many different ways of doing things right, not only the one we’re always told by the mass media, and don’t believe society to be at its cultural peak. Believe in real change and chances to develop society positively and then make a real decision!

Because then voting is at least a start!

Good morning world

Good Morning world – time to wake up!

So that’s another blog made by an individual, whose thoughts about the world in general and in special have changed for the last months.  So – why am I here? I hope to have the chance to provide interesting information about what is going on in the world concerning the ongoing political questions and decisions. Day by day we can watch the media censoring the news for only one purpose: Never to let the truth come to light!

It started a few months ago, when I accidentally ‘stumbled’ on some interesting movies and documentaries, that uncovered the truth behind the world economy. First I thought it to be rubbish, but after intense research I discovered that many not interdependent webpages came to the same conclusions – independently! More about that later.

About me:

I live in a so called democratic country.  I am a democrat, who believes in freedom of speech, that law is there to protect the public and that every single person on this planet should be free and able to choose their own way of living freely and peacefully. Also I am a pacifist, because I don’t belive in the survival of the fittest in regard to human beings – everybody should have the same right of living in peace and unharmed in whatever country they’re living in.

And that’s the reason I started this blog: I think this indefeasible right for freedom and peace is starting to be torn apart by the governmental institutions all over the world – on purpose and without us realizing it.  And at this point I distance myself  from so called ‘conspiracy theories’. Because the problem with the words ‘conspiracy theory’ is that it implies a theoretical construct, which is not being able to be proven. And that’s the crux of the matter because there are facts which prove that there is more going on than George Orwell would have dreamed about!

For example the european union. Most of the 27 members of the EU didn’t want their population to vote for or against the Lisbon Treaty – except of Ireland. And they did a good job because they voted with NO. The european population wasn’t even told, what this treaty was all about. 26 of the european parliaments ratified it without taking their populations opinion into account. Now look at how many people will be affected by the Lisbon Treaty: 492.000.000 people.  Why shouldn’t they have a say in that?

For everybody who doesn’t know, what the treaty is about I recommend taking a look at the link section and also researching it in the internet. There are many different independent pages that explain the contents of it, present the changes for the constitutions of the various countries and show, why europe seems to become a centralized superstate where the individual has no right and chance whatsoever to take part in the decision making process.

Last but not least I really hope that Ireland will make the same decision as last time. We never got the chance to do so!