Good morning world

Good Morning world – time to wake up!

So that’s another blog made by an individual, whose thoughts about the world in general and in special have changed for the last months.  So – why am I here? I hope to have the chance to provide interesting information about what is going on in the world concerning the ongoing political questions and decisions. Day by day we can watch the media censoring the news for only one purpose: Never to let the truth come to light!

It started a few months ago, when I accidentally ‘stumbled’ on some interesting movies and documentaries, that uncovered the truth behind the world economy. First I thought it to be rubbish, but after intense research I discovered that many not interdependent webpages came to the same conclusions – independently! More about that later.

About me:

I live in a so called democratic country.  I am a democrat, who believes in freedom of speech, that law is there to protect the public and that every single person on this planet should be free and able to choose their own way of living freely and peacefully. Also I am a pacifist, because I don’t belive in the survival of the fittest in regard to human beings – everybody should have the same right of living in peace and unharmed in whatever country they’re living in.

And that’s the reason I started this blog: I think this indefeasible right for freedom and peace is starting to be torn apart by the governmental institutions all over the world – on purpose and without us realizing it.  And at this point I distance myself  from so called ‘conspiracy theories’. Because the problem with the words ‘conspiracy theory’ is that it implies a theoretical construct, which is not being able to be proven. And that’s the crux of the matter because there are facts which prove that there is more going on than George Orwell would have dreamed about!

For example the european union. Most of the 27 members of the EU didn’t want their population to vote for or against the Lisbon Treaty – except of Ireland. And they did a good job because they voted with NO. The european population wasn’t even told, what this treaty was all about. 26 of the european parliaments ratified it without taking their populations opinion into account. Now look at how many people will be affected by the Lisbon Treaty: 492.000.000 people.  Why shouldn’t they have a say in that?

For everybody who doesn’t know, what the treaty is about I recommend taking a look at the link section and also researching it in the internet. There are many different independent pages that explain the contents of it, present the changes for the constitutions of the various countries and show, why europe seems to become a centralized superstate where the individual has no right and chance whatsoever to take part in the decision making process.

Last but not least I really hope that Ireland will make the same decision as last time. We never got the chance to do so!

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