System error…I believe

Today it is all about believing.

So, what is there to say about believing? Many things, so some people say and tell. For myself? Well, religion never was something for me. I believe in humanity and moral, ethics and the value of life and freedom in itself. That’s why I never really understood, and to the day, don’t understand why there has to be a ‘war’ between i.e. religions so to speak between different believe systems.

From my point of view every believe is as good or as bad as any believe.

For me as somebody who doesn’t believe in an all knowing god, whether it is from a western, eastern, northern or southern part of the world it seems awkward to me, when believe systems battle each other.

Why is it impossible for everyone to have the freedom to believe in what they want when they want and why they want? Because every i.e. religion I got in contact with mostly by friends and family seems to be based on love, good will and peace, forgiveness and wisdom.

But for many centuries now there is not even a glimpse of wisdom anywhere.

You could call me a non-believer, and I wouldn’t be offended by it because it’s true in regard of religion.

As the movie “Religulous” made pretty clear, religion and the attempt to get to the bottom of it, still seems to be a taboo. Among many others, of course.

But why is that so? Questioning something doesn’t mean embarrassing it. It is a sign of human curiosity. The need to understand is the one thing that enabled mankind to building houses, machines, writing books, reading, thinking and so much more.

Of course extremism is one topic among many when talking about believing  and I think most people don’t want extremism. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m against any kind of extremism or fascism whether it is based on religious, political nor any other reason.

So, let’s cut the chase!

Many  people try to convince other ones that believing in anything is stupid. If that was true, I  could argue the same way about capitalism, communism, democracy, monarchy, racism and everything there is. Because all systems are based on believe systems. You have to believe in capitalism to represent it, don’t you? So where is the difference?!

We all believe in something in some way. Why is any believe better or worse than the other?

It is not, is what I would say.

It is, is what many other people would say.

“Capitalism is better than communism!”, the capitalists would shout.

“Why?” would I ask.

See, in my opinion where humanity gets lost, where people are left behind, there has to be an error in the system. Doesn’t matter which one. The value of freedom is the biggest there is. Free speech, as well is most important for society to advance. But who wants to find and dissolve those errors? No-one! Because the people who make the rules don’t have to follow them. They don’t get lost, they only get richer.

So, we should all be equal in rights, chances and to live freely and peacefully wherever we live, whatever we believe in. And we should give these rights to everyone and even accept opinions we don’t like. Because that’s freedom. Everything else is just fascism.

We also should have the right to be different. We should be proud of our cultural differences and obtain them because they are precious. We would be able to learn so much from each other.

But there are forces that don’t want freedom. Forces which see people as slaves and walking money, workers who do their bidding. In fact: It’s all about the money. And that’s why there will be no peace, in no country and especially not global. Interests is what they call it.

Suppression is what I believe it to be.

P.S. Don’t forget: Ireland is voting today! Because they were free to do so. Click here and there or check my link section for more info.

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