When you’re in Greece, do as the Greek do!

At last, I’m here again.

So many things I would like to write about, but today, in the light of the recent event, I would like to talk about Greece.

Do you remember the demonstrations, which took place in Greece. And do you remember the brutality which the protesters had to suffer from the police. If not, I would recommend to take a look here or there. But they’re just small examples.

I have to make very clear, that after a short period of time, Greece and the demonstrations were banned from the mainstream media and a different subject was inserted in the ‘coin slot’ of the recipient.

But, this time I had been lucky because a friend of mine had a  friend who was and is Greek and who took part and photos while demonstrating. So this time I knew what really was going on.

Immediately it was obvious that the coverage of the demonstrations showed only small parts of what was really happening. Because the main part was filled with aggressive and destroying protestors, but never showed what the police was doing.

Peaceful protestors were surrounded by thousands of policemen and weren’t allowed to move, to break through them or to leave the surrounded area, even if they were just passers by who wanted to go home, and weren’t actually involved in the demonstration. The administration was put  into question because of its political and social behaviour regarding the public.

So that was not even a year ago.

But now came revenge.

Greece voted. And they had one loud voice, that so to speak expelled the last administration from government and chose.

What they chose?

Well thy chose the conservative’s opponent and voted for Papandreou’s party with 44%, which seems like a very good result to me. So, congratulations my dear greek friends! I think that was the right choice. But it remains to be seen, if  they, and especially George Papandreou will live up to the expectations.

But it’s a good sign for everybody, and first and foremost for the Germans, that socialism is important and not yet beaten to death by the opponents of freedom and peace.

Of course many things must be done.

Only one thing is that Athens is totally overpopulated. That’s the reason why areas whose woods had burned to the ground in the hot summer were sold and covered up with buildings, even if they were illegal, without any interruption.

The only ones who really took care of the woods and what was left of them, who were sitting up on the hills surrounding the woods watching out for fires, were volunteers, who never saw any money for it, but though paid for all the equipment that was needed to do it. So, nice administration, eh? Really cared for what was happening to their environment and the people living there!

How come? Well if the secretary of the environment is the very same person as the secretary for urban and regional planning, ecology will never be part of the political purpose.

But that’s at an end now, so we hope.

Good luck and best wishes to Greece!

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