What an incindent!

So, just in the moment I proclaimed the week of civil disobedience, I saw what was going on in Istanbul.

Yeah right. Not only that the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) had a nice meeting again, where they declared the old world order (meaning before the crisis) to be – nonchalantly put – out of date and not worth talking about.

The new one will be prepared and imposed on us as soon as they have created the perfect moment to slam it into our faces. Of course they know, what is next to come…

But a different point of view:

Again opponents of the existing monetary system and of the world order as it is and will be, have demonstrated. I don’t say that I support the aggression or the destruction that took place, but I really prefer that they stand up and make their opinion very clear.

I really don’t understand, why the peaceful protesters were arrested. Why I say that: Well, I only saw police officers who cuffed the peaceful protesters, who didn’t even try to escape the cuffs or the police. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Again all of us are reminded that all over the world people want to save their rights, their freedom, their individuality, people who fight for the rights of those who are not able to speak out for themselves.

So, thank you!

And to you, Mr. Zoellick, we all know what really counts for the World Bank and the IMF, so don’t try to pull our legs, or maybe our feet will one day find a nice place in your behinds they’d really quite fit into!

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