Gold, DNA and Gunpowder

Have you ever wondered, how our loved genetic engineers are able to invent those intelligent plants, like the terminator seeds?

Well, I did.

And what I found out was quite – how can I put it – disturbing.

I always thought, that a person takes a needle pushing all these small plant DNA bits and pieces into the cell.

Well, my romantic approach doesn’t fit reality. So, how are they doing it?

In short and simplified: They use a ‘gun’ with real gunpowder to blow the DNA into the cell. Beforehand they add gold particles and other metal particles to the DNA which is then literally blown into the cell (by the gun) so it adds to the DNA, which is in the cell already, easily.

For everybody being happy about the advantages of genetic engineering I have a few things to think about:

First off all: Where does the DNA that is added come from?

Well that depends on the effect you want to create. So you have a very vast spectrum of organisms you could isolate DNA (in some cases RNA) from, like viruses, bacteria, animals, insects,plants,  humans and so on. In fact everything you’d wanted.

If you wrinkle your brow now, thinking: “What? Injecting bacteria DNA into a plant cell?”

I would agree. It’s a strange thought but it’s the truth. And basically I generate the next question out of this point of view:

Aren’t there any dangers that could evolve from mixing different genes. You know, putting them where they don’t belong?

Yes of course! Take a look what i.e. the research of Monsanto into crops and cotton and so on caused.

In India many farmers commit suicide because they’re knee deep in debts, because having the worst harvest ever, because of the new seeds, made, manipulated and sold by Monsanto, which were absolute crap, disabled them to pay their debts. The plants not only weren’t immune to the illnesses, like Monsanto announced, but also showed new illnesses. So the farmers not only paid a four times higher price for the ‘new and better’ seeds, but had to buy herbicide and pesticides, which Monsanto said they could spare because of the new seeds. And besides, these pesticides and so on are sold by Monsanto as well.

So the farmers have two ‘choices’: they can either kill themselves or sell a part of their farm land to pay their debts. Nice ‘choice’, isn’t it?

You choose between throwing your life away by yourself or losing it piece by piece because of a company. The only thing certain seems to be death and that the blood money always flows into Monsanto’s pockets.

Well, it was publicly acknowledged, that most of the farmers kill themselves. There are months when over 600 farmers commit suicide, most of them by drinking pesticides or herbicides. Money is laying on the streets, eh?! For Monsanto, anyway.

Is that how they try to produce more food: They just reduce the number of people living, which then means more is left for the ones still alive?

So, you could say: “Well, they should buy different seeds next time, then.”

Not as easy as it sounds.

Monsanto has bought India’s biggest seed trader, which means that there is not many of a shop left where you even could buy different seeds. So, alas, it will go on, year in year out.

Only Dr. Vandana Shiva is trying to save the seeds and their diversity by building a seed bank. She also won many legal disputes in court which were basically about patents of plants which originated in India. Monsanto wanted  160 patents for one plant only (Neem-tree) and many more patents for many more plants. But Dr. Shiva claimed that it was the Indian’s right to bring products, that are based on substances or made from the plants to market, that all rights and all earnings should remain with the indian people.

And my god is she right!!!!

That’s again only a very small example.

What is quite interesting is, that the gen-tech lobby suppressed all independent studies regarding genetically engineered food and their side effects.They denunciate professors and scientist for claiming more studies and in special more objective ones, because Monsanto is forging every study made by their own scientists, as well. It’s all lies!

They have a great influence on political systems, too.

“Oh that’s bollocks! How should they do that?”

Well, you know there seems to be quite a nice exchange between Monsanto and the government, especially the FDA and Monsanto, regarding employees. Interesting things about the who is who in the international gen-food-governemnt scam can also be seen here. To name just a few: D. Rumsfeld, G. W. Bush and M. A. Friedman. Of course, without any conflict of interests…

So, in America you don’t have to name any ingredient ‘food’ contains. So people have no choice. It’s sink or swim!

Europe banned gen-food from the market, so maybe the one and only good decision the EU made.

Already the soy is in the hands of those companies, which means that probably most of the animals we eat were and are fed with genetically engineered soy, no matter where. It’s the same with corn and weed and whatnot.

The worst is that Monsanto, Bayer and all of them destroy the social networks existing in regions and countries, exterminate regional plants, contaminate plants all over the globe with the artificial genes and at least build a monopole on food and it’s production. Which is a total loss of independence.

So…they’re allready on the home stretch, aren’t they?

But that we will discuss another day.

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