Believing is seeing

Well, hello. It is interesting, what kind of reactions one gets, when one is writing a blog. So I got an e-mail from a friend of mine, which in no way ever would agree with me regarding the political and social progress taking place all over the world.

That’s why I chose this topic (as can be seen above). You know, I really don’t criticize my friend for believing, what my friend thinks is right. I just criticize the ignorance regarding some facts. Living in the believe that some things are impossible to happen, my friend ignores things that indeed do happen all the time. Most of them outrageous in their aim and their purpose.

I, otherwise, believe that there is NOTHING that can’t happen. So it’s a collision of believe systems.

And here we go again.

To me it seems like a general problem which stands in the way of the ‘wake up’ process, so to speak. The thing is, that most people, who went to colleges and universities and who are called (and sometimes call themselves) the elite are mostly aligned with official interests, preferred attitudes and political solutions. Many of them are a mirror of their education, not willing – and that’s the important point – to think out of the box. Important because they could think independently, but they do not do it because what they learned is what they believe and what they believe is what they see.

So their behaviour and their opinions are influenced – not to say mounted – by how they were taught to see the world and its political and societal development. So what they see is not what it is, but what they want it to be.

I, for myself, don’t claim to be all knowing or full of the world’s wisdom, but I claim to be informed, to look for news – mainstream and independent alike. I want to widen my political and intellectual horizon. Because I at least want to try to take a look out of the box, represented by my social and political environment, my education and personal interests.

I always thought that education should be used to or enable you to question the world and the processes taking place in it. But instead of doing this, they rather try to justify all of which is happening by their knowledge of international relations, official statements and mainstream media of which we know, don’t even report half of it.

They fall for what they learned, thinking that this is the optimum or peak of society, education, politics, science and so on.

But it is not.

Another friend of mine asked me: “Who should do that and why? Who would want a global dictatorship, at least a centralized world state?”

And I have to admit, I love this question because it shows one very important thing: The attempt to reduce the complicated net of political and economic interests which grew (and were built) for centuries and were always kept in the hands of only a few families, and still are handled this way.

So, when the answer is: The global organisations, corporations and companies in dependence with the political body – they think it is impossible, but still they try to simplify it to an unrecognisable state of being.

It is in fact not one person, they are a few keeping their interests from the public, but acting them out on a global scale, planning them behind closed doors, justifying them by good intentions for the poor, the hungry and human rights.

If there weren’t any references showing the calculated and deliberate misrepresentation of facts I maybe could understand their alignment. But after years not to say decades of lies, i.e. the ‘incubator lie’ (in the 1990 which was the justification for Daddy Bush to intervene in Iraq, which was exposed as a lie later) and the weapons of mass destruction lie (we all remember, so I hope), everybody should be aware of the possibility that we are lied to, because it is not only a possibility but has even happened many times, publicly without a rush of blood to the head by the liar, no matter who he or she was is and will be.

And among them the secret services, always glad to offer solutions and volunteer in the most difficult of decisions.

So, half of politics, media, economy and so on is a fraud and half of it is a scam. So we can choose between being lied to and realizing it or being lied to and playing along.

The world is not flat, it is round, the earth circles the sun and we don’t fall off when we’re at the bottom because of gravity…I think.

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