Facts and Fiction

Just a small comment today.

So for everybody thinking that my posts are far too one-sided I recommend the links’ section, where info about the european union can be downloaded. These include the Lisbon Treaty as well as the 13th protocol, which adds a few interesting facts about how, why and when a death penalty is legal under european law.

So, for everybody believing that the european union would never agree with suppression regarding human rights, please take a look.

Again I say: Everything is possible. Why should a state enact a law, it wouldn’t want to use?

And another thing, which is worth thinking about: Why should every state, which contradicts this Treaty be forced to leave the union? Isn’t that what democracy is NOT about?

What has democracy become in this EU? If you’re not with us you’re against us? Isn’t that how all fascist states justified the exclusion of people who had different opinions?

Would it be so much harm to stop for a moment and discuss why so many people tried to stop the treaty? Wouldn’t a good old fashioned discussion about what might be negative about this treaty and it’s 14 additional protocols show that the EU really is interested in democracy and equality?

Why didn’t the politicians of the EU-states inform the public about the treaty in detail and why weren’t they willing to let their people vote, then? These are important questions.

What I really don’t get is: how is it possible to separate politics and real life? To me it seems the more someone knows about how politics and jurisdiction work in principle the less they seem to be able to transfer it to normal life. But that’s every specialits’ problem. They rise the subject onto a level of  escapism where it neither resembles reality nor includes any common sense.

But it influences our lives and even of those who can’t connect to it in matters of personal life. To me it seems as if they don’t see themselves as part of it but as spectators reviewing what will happen to others but will in no way affect them. But that’s not true. So I say: You are among us, never forget that you are part of our society. What ever is going to happen in the future you will be affected by it, too.

Though some may say that there is nothing like ‘common sense’ I really think there is, people just should make use of it. Just because nobody uses it, it doesn’t mean that is doesn’t exists.

And in case logic comes up – do you really think that logic is the impulse our world works on? Of course it is used in case of laws, social rules and so on, but everyone has to admit that depending on the situation logic changes as well when circumstances change. Logic depends as any other man made thing on the level of information you have. When the level of information changes, many things can change even logic.

The question of ‘meaning’ and ‘sense’ is never asked regarding laws, economy and politics. Most of the time everything that’s going on is justified with tautologies.

“Alas, that’s how economy/ politics works!”

But is it really that simple? I don’t think so. It is much simpler: it is all about money. So hello, global bottom line. And again: Nobody questions the sense of the monetary system as it is today, we all just accept it and see it as a necessary system that should neither be questioned nor needs improvement. But looking at how it is working, what ‘side effects’ it has now and had in history, I think there are a lot of points it would need improvement, not to say a change of ideals. And when economists (like O. Steiger) say that the worth/value of money depends on our belief that it has worth/value, there has to be a point.

As I was told, most european countries didn’t NEED to ask for the public’s opinion. But should decisions be made on the basis of need or on the basis of the right of self-determination, which is a fundamental right for everybody and shouldn’t be excluded from important decision making processes.

Of course not everybody is an Einstein or a Marie Curie, but shouldn’t we have the right to decide what we want? At least in such important questions like the Lisbon Treaty? Isn’t it possible to explain even the most complicated things in a way everybody would be able to understand them? I think so! But there has to be the political will to do so. And I think this is what we lack most.

I don’t like the thought that we are far too mentally or intellectually constricted to understand politics, that we are all sheep that have to be led.

I am not a sheep and all people I know are neither. We shouldn’t think so little of our fellow human beings. Because when is somebody’s opinion worth something? Is a person without a degree worthless? Has he or she no right to decide on his or her fate and future?

And what says logic? What says common sense? What does the law say? And what do politicians do?

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