The World is my proband!

Just a small one today.

The global pharmacy companies seem to be quite sensitive when it comes to the truth about their interests and their behaviour.

They’re standing in question not only because of the swine flu vaccines but also because of products they’ve been suppressing for decades. That was shown by french and german TV. In the discussion that took place on TV they implied that the Author of a book (which is about a medicine against neurodermatitis and eczema, which no company wanted to buy and produce) had no evidence like independent surveys, which was in fact NOT true, regarding the effectiveness of the treatment (it is an ointment). They were quite aggressive and tried to weasel their way out of that not so convenient position they were in.

They also assumed that the journalist built the discussion up on lies and attacked him viciously. Of course the journalist had researched everything about the book, the medicine and so on and in addition the surveys are now online for everybody to see.

All pharmaceutical companies didn’t want to bring it to market because it ‘didn’t fit into the program’ of every company there is. (Take a look at the compnies’ names on the left hand side. It’s in german but every single company declined the offer from GlaxoSmithKline to Novartis and many more. See for yourself.)

So the denial goes on. They show themselves as THE benefactors of the world, dedicated to the health of the global public. But if you take a look at the history of Bayer, Aventis, Monsanto and so on, you will be able to make up your opinion. And maybe you will find out, that it is only about on simple thing: Money!

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