UPDATE: 11/10/2009: When I looked out of the window…very Hitchcocky!

Strange things happen, my friends. Everywhere.

I realized it not so long ago.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and got up. After my very necessary cup of coffee my gaze fell out of the window.

The sky was loaded with heavy dark clouds, which is not so unusual. But then, well…

Right in front of my eyes there was a net made of trails. It looked like vapour trails, but there was no aeroplane in sight and in addition, I hadn’t heard planes neither when I woke up nor when I was sitting in my kitchen drinking my coffee. And it wasn’t normal clouds. Clouds don’t build nets all over the sky. And what I was wondering about in special was, that the sky hung full of big dark clouds, but was completely steel-blue and sunny, where those trails in net construction were positioned.

So believing that I was going crazy, I called a friend of mine, living in the same city, but a bit farther away. And I asked him, if he too saw the net. After a few silent minutes he answered: “Yes, I see the net, too. But what is it?’

This was a question I couldn’t answer. And still can’t.

So, how long do average vapour trails stay in the air?

As I found out, they disappear very fast. But this trails were even there, when I locked out of the window at lunch time. So, what were they?

I’ve always been very very VERY sceptical when it came to the ‘chemtrails topic’ but after this incident, I’m not so sure anymore. And after I read, that China made it snow on purpose I’m getting more and more unsure.

Who knows what it was and what it was for.

Maybe now there is a mystery being enlightened. I always wondered, why in the summer you can practically wait for the rain. Everyday it rains between 17.30 and 19 o’clock. Everyday. It wasn’t like that when a was a child. But in the last 3 – 4 years it became a regular event. But I never took into account that it could be artificially induced.

Well, guys and girls, never stop looking out of your window. You never know, what you will find…

(UPDATE: To my surprise, a friend of mine told me something very interesting. He works for a big TV station and told me how the forecasters always complain about how they are not able to predict the weather, because the army is ‘chem-trailing’ and thus forecasting is becoming more and more. So, I’m quite convinced by now that ‘chemtrails’ are real. But what else is hiding behind this little word is not yet to be known. At least to us.)


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