Where there’s smoke…

I had myself a little experiment. It mostly consisted of watching the news and waiting, which was, to be honest, very productive.

That’s because it was very easy to follow the mode of operation media obeys to.

In the beginning of november I heard in the news that an oil platform near Darwin (Australia) caught fire, which is neither something special nor something people would be outraged about. But what was the interesting and quite annoying part was, that this platform had leaked till the end of august without even a word about it being published.

In my opinion it is not nothing when (and I quote): ‘around 400 barrels of oil and gas a day since August 21’ (or 64.000 liters per day) have been leaking into the ocean and therefore swept thousands of dead fish onto the coast of Indonesia. Not to talk about the rest of the ecological balance and so on.

But the most interesting thing is, that – unlike the oil – not a word leaked till the beginning of november and then nothing was heard evermore until the media proudly announced that they finally were able to extinguish the fire. Hurrah! Then again nothing more.

So it seems to be quite simple to hold back information, that would be of interest to the public.

And if you try to see the fact, that this principle works with everything you can imagine (and with the things you can’t imagine as well), then you should get slowly but surely to a point, where there is a decision to be made: believe or deny.

Many people choose denial, because it is a lot easier than realizing what is going on on this sphere, but it also takes away the chance to change something and to wake up.

So, who knows what is going on behind the scenes.

(Little hint to my chem-trail post and today’s update…)

Another very popular, but rather old example, is Chernobyl, where the public was not informed until four days after the fallout had happened. (That I know only because I have friends who are in ‘the old boys network’ and therefore knew it four days prior everybody else…)

So, isn’t that evidence, that things like the suppression of information are possible; that propaganda is  possible especially in our modern times; that informations are being altered with and/or filtered?

Yes, it is mate!

That’s why you better ask questions and don’t automatically stick to the official story. That’s why you better not put up with everything you hear but try to research it on your own. Maybe the picture you will get is not as simple as in the media, but maybe it’ll uncover the truth to a bigger extent than anything you heard, saw and read till then.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it!

Coming up next: Swine flu propaganda and where it wants to lead us to.

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