UPDATE 12/08/2009:Young, beautiful – and very, very angry!

UPDATE: The violence rages on. The police brutality against citizens and demonstrators is outrages. Now, they even have policemen disguised as civilians, working together with the police, kicking and hitting demonstrators and even passers-by. My solidarity to all demonstrators. Please do not stop reporting. The world needs to see more than this propaganda on TV!! For more information, videos and photos please see this link.

One year ago the greek police shot a 15-year-old boy. What happened after that has become history – at least for some people. It had and still has influence on their daily lives, because since then, nothing seems to have changed. Even though their new president made many promises of which none has come true.

I’m of course talking about the riots in Greece, which took place a year ago and which were connected to great violence from every side. Police as well as demonstrators.

Since then we’ve heard a lot and often about Greece again. And so it is today.

The cities are burning, the country where democracy was born, has become a state of angry, young people, having and seeing no future, if the system goes on working like it is.

I’m against violence, because there is nothing that justifies it. But though I understand why it is used by some demonstrators. What to do in a country you have no perspective? Especially when you’re young and want to reach something? When your whole life is over before it has begun? When there is no chance to get a job, to have a health insurance, to build a home even to get your scratch of education?

This is of course a very dark way to put it, but nevertheless, from what I’ve heard and read, many people feel like that.

Thousands of people got to the streets and were demonstrating peaceful. It seems as if the police has orders to detain as many people as possible. The problem is, that only a fraction of what happens is shown and reported in the media, most of it shows the violence of the demonstrators and silences the fact that the police has its part in it as well.

Why, for example, are policemen allowed to overrun demonstrators by motorcycle? Whatever violence the demonstrators use – the force with wich the police reacts is more than is allowed, more than what should be possible and it should be stopped. It seems to me that the rage becomes publicly shown hate which justifies every step taken and manifests in killing and detaining demonstrators.

Please follow this link, to get more information from the activists point of view, watch the videos and think about what’s going on there. Learn more about their goals and reasons for the actions taken.

And apart from the violence, I’m saluting: the solidarity the greek are able to show each other, their endurance for protesting and for claiming what they believe to be right – real democracy and freedom, a perspective in life and a social state.

But it seems as if some people use the Greek as an excuse to burn police stations even in Germany. That was said by their news report “Tagesschau”.

But first things first.

In Berlin and Hamburg there were attacks against the offices of ministers and secretaries, and the “Bundekanzleramt”, like the office of the german chancellor. Those were only “colour attacks” meaning that balloons or similar things filled with colour were thrown at the walls and windows.

In Hamburg a police station was attacked with molotov cocktails and a few police cars burned down. No one was hurt. That was in the night from saturday to sunday.

Then the news reported that a text was given to a newspaper (Hamburger Morgenpost), where a group calling themselves “Koukoulofori” (which means something like the hooded or masked) claimed responsibility for these attacks and furthermore threatened to repeat the attacks. They legitimate their attacks with the dead of 15-year-old Alex last year and see it as protest against the regime in Greece.

Though the police thinks it is authentic, I prefer being a bit more careful. Who knows how this could be used to impose new regulations and anti-terror laws in every european and other country in this world. Because then it is not only the islamic terrorists, but the left-wing terrorists as well, they have to “protect” us from. There could be a lot more behind it than we now think of. But of course, that’s just conspiracy talk.

But again it is shown how any action any event in this world seems to affect the whole rest of it. How everything that is directed against the system is used by the same system and inverted to take it as a weapon against the people, who try to break free of it.

That’s why I don’t think violence will get us to where we want to go. But when you don’t know where you go, or if you can go – that’s a point of hopelessness, frustration and anger that breaks itself free of any scepticism and rational behaviour.

I don’t justify it, I only think that it’s human and so could happen to every single one of us given the right circumstances…


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  1. n. said,

    12/08/2009 at 9:20 pm

    Just a small contribution to the flow of news.

    With this comment I simply want to give two examples on how media propaganda is totally controlled by the governments. I could talk for hours about all the violations of human rights these days in Greece by the police, but I think these 2 examples can vividly show how the system has planned its operational strategy. And don’t forget, this is the socialistic government.

    The first example is the way that the Greek media dealt with the demonstrations. Although last year they were not exactly presenting an accurate image of the events, this year has been an outrageous presentation of a situation that was – in their sense – a “success”. Believe it or not, international media have presented a more accurate image of the events this year. So, what happened these days was that all the media (with no exception whatsoever) congratulated the government and the Minister of the “Protection” of Civilians (feel free to laugh here) for their success in dealing with “criminal” behaviours. There was no comment at all about the police violence, the hundreds of “precautionary” arrests, and the targeted attacks. If you have followed the links in this post, you will have seen attacks of police bikers directly on demonstrators. The initial response of the government on the severe injury of a woman by one of these attacks, was that she fell on her own. You should also feel free to laugh (or cry) with the comment of the leader of LAOS, the extreme right wing party of the parliament, who said that the woman should have avoided the policeman, and that it was practically her fault. All these of course were regarded as a successful approach by the media.

    Another very important example is the “international anarchists” scenario. During last week, more and more newspapers and tv channels would strategically and increasingly “inform” us, that there are thousands of international anarchists coming as an army in Greece to help in the “plan” to destroy democracy. Believe it or not, there was an article on Friday that was talking about chartered boats coming from Italy, full with thousands of people. And just like with all the propaganda released during the last month, this had to be “confirmed” in order for the government to present herself as accurate, informed and effective. And more than anything, to justify the measures they have taken. These three days it was obvious among many demonstrators that whoever looked foreign (especially from Europe) was suddenly detained or arrested. The result, one young woman from Spain that was arrested in Thessaloniki was today sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for supposedly carrying dangerous materials (flairs). That sounds like a scapegoat to me…

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