Leaky things

Today, after a long time, a new post.

But my concern is not to inform you, my readers, about anything. It is more or less a call for independence. A call for curiosity.

Every now and then wikileaks makes its way into the news. The most recent example is the video of american soldiers blowing up reporters and civilians, like children. I think we all heard the pilot’s comment that “it is their own fault, bringing children into the war zone”. I sometimes ask myself, why soldiers are able to keep their limited world view. Is it military education? Education in general? Where is the empathy? And why do they sound and act as if they’re playing a first person shooter?

Questions all over again.

But this video is just a small extract of things, you are able to find on wikileaks. To make your mouth water and to insist that you, dear reader, will take a look yourself, here a few headlines from Wikileaks:

26. Mar. 2010: CIA report into shoring up Afghan war support in Western Europe, 11 Mar 2010
15. Mar. 2010: U.S. Intelligence planned to destroy WikiLeaks, 18 Mar 2008
24. Feb. 2010: Cryptome.org takedown: Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook
It may be true, that curiosity killed the cat – but it is also true that it died smater…
Now go and find out for yourself!

An open letter to Greece

Dear Greece,

I don’t know where to start. There’s so much I wanted to say, but now the only thing I can do is to apologize.

Apologize for countries like (and especially) Germany or France.

I think you now why. For everybody who doesn’t, here’s the explanation:

Greece is completely bankrupt. Now every european country is afraid, that the Euro will be or is losing value, that other european countries will have to help Greece by paying money for their debts and that other countries will be bankrupt, too.

The news hit all of a sudden. But who found out about it? Well, thanks to the rating agencies, who estimated the value of Greece, we now know, that the greek people are lazy, dumb and corrupt and are unable to handle their money.

This or a quite similar version of the events taking place in Greece is out there for everyone to read in every newspaper available.

But is that really what happened?

When Greece became a part of the EU, Brussels knew about the financial situation and the problems of Greece. They knew about the financial and economic situation, but put their blinders on with a shrug and thought their underhand dealings  would never see the light of day… But then one day the sun shone really brightly, so the whole world saw what lay beneath the vail.

If that is not outrages enough, which it is in my opinion, it gets worse.

Now the wise and ideal countries, who have no problems themselves in their own countries, have a plan, and Greece is determined to do what they imposed on them. Firstly and foremost of course the EU (what- or whoever this anonymous EU is anyway) and secondly Germany…

Germany had a terrific idea: Greece should sell parts of their government property (which is public property) like small uninhabited islands or other parts of their country or property to pay off their debts.

My comment? WTF!

Only because Germany sold their public/government property (which collides and collided with the interests and wishes of their public and put the government in question) Greece should not be forced to do so. Especially because Germany has its part to play in the economic fall of Greece (and south europe in general as well). It’s all about money, debt and european competition, in which Germany is very successful, because Germany doesn’t care about their people: lowering the taxes for the super rich while squeezing money out of the middle and lower class, they work for the economic and monetary elite and discuss how to suck the last bit of solidarity out of the political and social systems.

Not a good paradigm and for that another reason to support the greek public.

Furthermore disinformation about Greece seems to become a daily business, and a lucrative one as well. Because it is a good distraction for all political, social and economic problems in the EU that can be pushed into the background and so will be forgotten, hushed up and decided in secrecy, in every european country and the european superstate.

Great hints the EU gave to Greece: higher taxes, less public servants and less payment for them and, as already stated, the public sell out.

Wow, thanks EU!

I want to give a small example of what life is in Greece when you’re a public servant:

Imagine a teacher, who teaches in a public greek school. Because he doesn’t earn enough money to live, he’s got two other jobs to earn his living. How is he supposed to live with less money? Should he get even more jobs? Or should he start to live of air and sun? Should he train to live without eating and drinking while living on the streets?

It is madness!

Madness made in the EU!

The Greek are absolutely right to demonstrate against these enforcement. Which brings me to the next thing: Propaganda.

The only thing I get to see when I switch on my TV is something like that:

The greek youth is demonstrating violently, throwing molotov cocktails before being silenced by the good police forces.

What a laugh. Everybody who is able to think and watch the news, will realize that the people demonstrating are not only young lazy no-goods. People of all ages, all social groups and all political convictions fight against the EU imposed madness.

How long until all Europeans will stand up and show their governments that what politics should be about is fulfilling the requests of the people, not those of the rating agencies and banks, of corrupt politics and liars.

The real problems europe has are other ones…

So, last but not least, I apologize for the arrogance and foolishness demonstrated by the heads of european countries. But I hope your fight against this insanity won’t be in vain and that it maybe will wake up other Europeans and finally uncover what this EU really is about: money and might.

Possibly the impossible?

Very short one today, but I thought I should let everybody know.

So for everybody, especially those who think fascism and dictatorship or a governments dictatorial behaviour is impossible, I really recommend reading the guardian, in particular the articles of Rob Evans and Paul Lewis who wrote about how the police saves and takes pictures of demonstrators, how the police uses these so called spotter cards and why you are not a demonstrator but a domestic extremist!

Please read the article and once again I have to state my mantra: Open your f***ing eyes. It is just a matter of time until this mode of control will be used EVERYWHERE.

So now: The Link to the Guardian and so on.

Power to the people – ahm, the ones not being politicians…

Back again – not to say still here.

As always I wonder. I wonder about the world, about politics and about the system itself. Everybody who read my post ‘Believing is seeing’ should know about my opinion regarding people believing in the existing system with every fibre of their mind and body.

I’m planning on writing some posts about the topic of what our system consists of, why and how it works and why it is not a kind of  ‘natural law’ that is imposed on us. For many people it seems unimaginable to question the system. And if you question it they seem to think that it will end in anarchy and regionalization, chaos and terror. Though regionalization may not be the worst thinking of food supply, short routes of transport and so on, the real solution has to be global. Furthermore questioning a system doesn’t mean to dispose EVERYTHING our current system contains, but we have to start seeing the gaps in it, we have to start thinking of new solutions for society, politics, democracy, economy, ecology, the monetary system and so much more.

But today I want to send my thank yous and my solidarity to Greece again, because nothing is reported on the news (except of course about the violence and the ‘bad anarchists’), so propaganda seems to work very efficiently.

Yesterday the town hall of Nikaia was being occupied and the demonstrators (the occupation resulted from a previous demonstration) stated their call for freedom and showed their solidarity with Mohammad Atif Kamran, who died because of being tortured by the police.

I’m asking everyone to read the post wich can be seen here. Please take a look at the link section, there you can find more about Greece and it’s resistance regarding the fascism unfolding there for quite a long and at the time. So to speak ‘the history of violence against the greek people’.

We have to understand that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” as Martin Luther King said. And that is absolutely true.

Think global but start to create awareness local. Change doesn’t just happen, we have to decide to change things, we have to be brave not afraid, we have to be solidly united, we have to insist on our freedom in every area of our lives and, what may be the most difficult, we have to desire these goals honestly and unconditionally for every single person on this planet!

That is the true radicalism!

P.S. Please inform yourself about how the EU will be able to defeat every ‘unrest’ by shooting the demonstrators and why and how it reintroduces the death penalty. Please read about it, spread the word and tell the whole world, even when you’re not european because the threat we will have to face will tip toe into every  single nation, religion, region, generation and home.

We have to understand that this threat is global and that those developing it will be ready and willing to get you wherever and whenever they want, for whatever reason they make up, hiding behind the mask of (self-)righteousness.

Believing is seeing

Well, hello. It is interesting, what kind of reactions one gets, when one is writing a blog. So I got an e-mail from a friend of mine, which in no way ever would agree with me regarding the political and social progress taking place all over the world.

That’s why I chose this topic (as can be seen above). You know, I really don’t criticize my friend for believing, what my friend thinks is right. I just criticize the ignorance regarding some facts. Living in the believe that some things are impossible to happen, my friend ignores things that indeed do happen all the time. Most of them outrageous in their aim and their purpose.

I, otherwise, believe that there is NOTHING that can’t happen. So it’s a collision of believe systems.

And here we go again.

To me it seems like a general problem which stands in the way of the ‘wake up’ process, so to speak. The thing is, that most people, who went to colleges and universities and who are called (and sometimes call themselves) the elite are mostly aligned with official interests, preferred attitudes and political solutions. Many of them are a mirror of their education, not willing – and that’s the important point – to think out of the box. Important because they could think independently, but they do not do it because what they learned is what they believe and what they believe is what they see.

So their behaviour and their opinions are influenced – not to say mounted – by how they were taught to see the world and its political and societal development. So what they see is not what it is, but what they want it to be.

I, for myself, don’t claim to be all knowing or full of the world’s wisdom, but I claim to be informed, to look for news – mainstream and independent alike. I want to widen my political and intellectual horizon. Because I at least want to try to take a look out of the box, represented by my social and political environment, my education and personal interests.

I always thought that education should be used to or enable you to question the world and the processes taking place in it. But instead of doing this, they rather try to justify all of which is happening by their knowledge of international relations, official statements and mainstream media of which we know, don’t even report half of it.

They fall for what they learned, thinking that this is the optimum or peak of society, education, politics, science and so on.

But it is not.

Another friend of mine asked me: “Who should do that and why? Who would want a global dictatorship, at least a centralized world state?”

And I have to admit, I love this question because it shows one very important thing: The attempt to reduce the complicated net of political and economic interests which grew (and were built) for centuries and were always kept in the hands of only a few families, and still are handled this way.

So, when the answer is: The global organisations, corporations and companies in dependence with the political body – they think it is impossible, but still they try to simplify it to an unrecognisable state of being.

It is in fact not one person, they are a few keeping their interests from the public, but acting them out on a global scale, planning them behind closed doors, justifying them by good intentions for the poor, the hungry and human rights.

If there weren’t any references showing the calculated and deliberate misrepresentation of facts I maybe could understand their alignment. But after years not to say decades of lies, i.e. the ‘incubator lie’ (in the 1990 which was the justification for Daddy Bush to intervene in Iraq, which was exposed as a lie later) and the weapons of mass destruction lie (we all remember, so I hope), everybody should be aware of the possibility that we are lied to, because it is not only a possibility but has even happened many times, publicly without a rush of blood to the head by the liar, no matter who he or she was is and will be.

And among them the secret services, always glad to offer solutions and volunteer in the most difficult of decisions.

So, half of politics, media, economy and so on is a fraud and half of it is a scam. So we can choose between being lied to and realizing it or being lied to and playing along.

The world is not flat, it is round, the earth circles the sun and we don’t fall off when we’re at the bottom because of gravity…I think.

Why didn’t I hear that? – or – What propaganda doesn’t tell!

UPDATE 10/12/09:

Seems like nothing can stop the “socialists” from creating an atmosphere of fear and suppression, horror and violence. If it was a Videogame, it would be banned, but because it is not, children, mothers, father, sons, uncles, aunts … are forced to live like that and watch the violence taking place in their homes and neighbourhoods, without being able to do anything against it. There is no respect left, wether for life nor for freedom!

Take a look here and try not to think of fascism. I tried, but it really didn’t work!

News arrived this morning, which shocked me. Mostly because I haven’t heard anything about that in the media. First of all I want to say thank you to N. – as  I want to call the person providing the information.

So first of all: The new greek government doesn’t seem to be a ‘social’ one. It is said that the election was more a ‘throw out of the old goverment’ than a ‘vote for the new one’.

Well, this is quite what I had in mind, writing the post about the election in Greece. Change is always in question. It seems as if the public is ready to protest again in the very first instance the ‘new government’ repeats the thinking and behaviour of the last one. And they are right! Again we realize that real change has nothing to do with election and votes. Things can only change if we fight for them.

But these are things we expect. But there are also things you neither expect nor hear about.

So why is it, that in Athens and many many more greek cities police seems to pop out of thin air. Why do they take photos, arrest peaceful people and so on. And what is worst – it seems to be an initiative of the EU. Why does it feel like Nazi-Germany then?

I’m furious about how the mainstream media suppresses all these informations. Why? So that the rest of the European Union isn’t aware of what might happen next in every country? Is it a test to see what the public will take before there is revolution? Or to stop the first spark of freedom and independent thinking? I really recommend to read this very interesting translation of a greek blog (link below).

Who is to say that there are things that will never happen again? What does a fascist police state look and feel like, if not like it is unfolding in Greece?

Please, click that link and open your eyes to what is going on behind the scenes and realize that the censorship takes place every day, everywhere. That human rights, freedom and free speech are in danger.

Believe me: When it smells, tastes and feels like propaganda – as propaganda it shall be seen!

Gold, DNA and Gunpowder

Have you ever wondered, how our loved genetic engineers are able to invent those intelligent plants, like the terminator seeds?

Well, I did.

And what I found out was quite – how can I put it – disturbing.

I always thought, that a person takes a needle pushing all these small plant DNA bits and pieces into the cell.

Well, my romantic approach doesn’t fit reality. So, how are they doing it?

In short and simplified: They use a ‘gun’ with real gunpowder to blow the DNA into the cell. Beforehand they add gold particles and other metal particles to the DNA which is then literally blown into the cell (by the gun) so it adds to the DNA, which is in the cell already, easily.

For everybody being happy about the advantages of genetic engineering I have a few things to think about:

First off all: Where does the DNA that is added come from?

Well that depends on the effect you want to create. So you have a very vast spectrum of organisms you could isolate DNA (in some cases RNA) from, like viruses, bacteria, animals, insects,plants,  humans and so on. In fact everything you’d wanted.

If you wrinkle your brow now, thinking: “What? Injecting bacteria DNA into a plant cell?”

I would agree. It’s a strange thought but it’s the truth. And basically I generate the next question out of this point of view:

Aren’t there any dangers that could evolve from mixing different genes. You know, putting them where they don’t belong?

Yes of course! Take a look what i.e. the research of Monsanto into crops and cotton and so on caused.

In India many farmers commit suicide because they’re knee deep in debts, because having the worst harvest ever, because of the new seeds, made, manipulated and sold by Monsanto, which were absolute crap, disabled them to pay their debts. The plants not only weren’t immune to the illnesses, like Monsanto announced, but also showed new illnesses. So the farmers not only paid a four times higher price for the ‘new and better’ seeds, but had to buy herbicide and pesticides, which Monsanto said they could spare because of the new seeds. And besides, these pesticides and so on are sold by Monsanto as well.

So the farmers have two ‘choices’: they can either kill themselves or sell a part of their farm land to pay their debts. Nice ‘choice’, isn’t it?

You choose between throwing your life away by yourself or losing it piece by piece because of a company. The only thing certain seems to be death and that the blood money always flows into Monsanto’s pockets.

Well, it was publicly acknowledged, that most of the farmers kill themselves. There are months when over 600 farmers commit suicide, most of them by drinking pesticides or herbicides. Money is laying on the streets, eh?! For Monsanto, anyway.

Is that how they try to produce more food: They just reduce the number of people living, which then means more is left for the ones still alive?

So, you could say: “Well, they should buy different seeds next time, then.”

Not as easy as it sounds.

Monsanto has bought India’s biggest seed trader, which means that there is not many of a shop left where you even could buy different seeds. So, alas, it will go on, year in year out.

Only Dr. Vandana Shiva is trying to save the seeds and their diversity by building a seed bank. She also won many legal disputes in court which were basically about patents of plants which originated in India. Monsanto wanted  160 patents for one plant only (Neem-tree) and many more patents for many more plants. But Dr. Shiva claimed that it was the Indian’s right to bring products, that are based on substances or made from the plants to market, that all rights and all earnings should remain with the indian people.

And my god is she right!!!!

That’s again only a very small example.

What is quite interesting is, that the gen-tech lobby suppressed all independent studies regarding genetically engineered food and their side effects.They denunciate professors and scientist for claiming more studies and in special more objective ones, because Monsanto is forging every study made by their own scientists, as well. It’s all lies!

They have a great influence on political systems, too.

“Oh that’s bollocks! How should they do that?”

Well, you know there seems to be quite a nice exchange between Monsanto and the government, especially the FDA and Monsanto, regarding employees. Interesting things about the who is who in the international gen-food-governemnt scam can also be seen here. To name just a few: D. Rumsfeld, G. W. Bush and M. A. Friedman. Of course, without any conflict of interests…

So, in America you don’t have to name any ingredient ‘food’ contains. So people have no choice. It’s sink or swim!

Europe banned gen-food from the market, so maybe the one and only good decision the EU made.

Already the soy is in the hands of those companies, which means that probably most of the animals we eat were and are fed with genetically engineered soy, no matter where. It’s the same with corn and weed and whatnot.

The worst is that Monsanto, Bayer and all of them destroy the social networks existing in regions and countries, exterminate regional plants, contaminate plants all over the globe with the artificial genes and at least build a monopole on food and it’s production. Which is a total loss of independence.

So…they’re allready on the home stretch, aren’t they?

But that we will discuss another day.

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