Solitude or Solidarity?

A few words about solidarity.

As we live and work we learn that there is nothing like justice. Not only in the law kind of sense, but also in regards of society.

It seems like the richer the country the more it lacks the ability to show solidarity. The rich are always afraid of their income being wasted on the poor while they have to stop buying more cars, more houses, more swimming pools and so forth. From their point of view, the poor don’t deserve the money, the rich are working for.

But: Who works for the wealth of the rich? How did they become rich and why are they unable to share?

Most of them have workers in their companies, organisations and corporations. These workers produce value by producing something that can be sold to others (no matter what level of producing we’re talking about). So the value is made by those who work. They have their income and accept that it is reduced, year in year out, because of economic reasons, like the now ongoing crisis or because the company they’re working for doesn’t ‘effort enough’. (Which in fact could never be enough, could it? Even the billions they earned weren’t enough before the crisis. So I think the scale is open-ended.)

But are those reasons real or are they just a way of holding the money back? Most of the money flowing out of the market into the pockets of rich people, never finds its way back into the economy because it is hoarded for whatever purpose (most of the time leading from none to stockpiling!).

And who has to pay? Well the so-called middle class. Not only has the existing middle class to pay for the poor and needing, it also pays for the rich and richest. Take a look at the financial crisis. Where did the money our so-called leaders pumped into the banking system come from? From the tax payers! And whose money did they lose? The tax payers’ money. So, how are they supposed to get everything going, when their incomes are decreasing and they always have to pay more and more?

Seems like monetary first aid for a dying, old-fashioned and broken system, that is not made for humans, never was interested in the people but to let people bleed to death.

But this very same system has nothing whatsoever against solidarity when it comes to preventing banks and the richest of all from falling apart. Then very well so be it, they take the tax payers money and pump it into a system which is irresponsible, criminal and completely insane.

So, where do we go from here?

We should refuse OUR solidarity with the rich.

We should increase our solidarity with the poor and needing and those left behind.

We shouldn’t believe the lies about how the survival of the fittest is a natural law, how we should only fight and live for ourselves.

Why is solitude the very thing they all want from us?

Because when you’re alone, you’re helpless, hopeless and don’t have a pressure group/lobby.

When you’re alone, you won’t stand up and fight.

When you’re alone you’re easy to overcome.

So what shall it be: Solitude or solidarity?