Order 81

You’re asking yourself what the ‘order 81’ is?

Simple as that: In 2005 Mr. Paul Bremer, the US official in charge of reconstruction of Iraq, passed a law to prevent the Iraqi’s independence in food production. The order 81 imposes, that all Iraqis have to use genetically engineered seeds and furthermore, that they are not allowed to grow/use their own, old and ancient seeds.

They have to depend on companies like Monsanto, Bayer or others, who uses the population as lab rats, because nobody really knows what effects this kind of non-natural artificial food has, how it will affect people and their health. And again they will be fully bound to the prices these companies ask. Who has no money will have nothing to eat or will be detained and punished.

Isn’t it nice, that after 5 years word gets out?

Did you ever hear about that before?

I didn’t.

Here is the link to the original text, written and released by “The Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize)” (For the english version you have to scroll down a bit).

Isn’t it enough, that over a million people already died in Iraq? Isn’t it enough that they suffer from depleted uranium, which will poison their soil and their population for centuries or more? That it infested the water, the land and the people?

And what for? Just to station the troops there being at the ready when war with Iran is staged? Think about it.

So, I agree with Einstein, when he stated:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

In this spirit…


Yuck, that is supposed to be food? – or – What happens when companies are let loose!

My dear friends, every day I discover new and already known things which really make me feel like the world should be institutionalized.

So today I publicly proclaim the ‘Civil Disobedience Week’!!

So, why is that?

Well, this week, which will last from today till next Tuesday, I will try to uncover some things, which will make you sick to your stomach, will leave a bad after taste in your throat and which will leave you faithless.

Just so you know, what to expect.

Ok, let’s start with a few things, I already wrote a few days ago. Again, we will take a look at our food. But not what is INSIDE but how it is produced.

So, do you like chicken? Well, watch this and wait a few seconds, I’m quite curious what you think about it. For everyone, who has no time or whatever, I’ll describe what is seen in the video.

It’s name is: Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery. You will see, how small, just yet hatched fledglings are sorted by their sex. They only want females, because males don’t produce eggs. So these small males are sorted out, are put onto the production line and are thrown into a grinder while still alive. Take a look if you don’t believe it! And imagine what it would be like, falling into a grinder, being slaughtered into pieces while aware of it. So these small fledglings are alive only a few minutes  if at all.

Is that really the price for cheap eggs, cheap meat? Do YOU want to pay for that? Is that really the only way? Do you really think, that a system, which is so inhuman has any morals regarding anything? Do you want to eat THIS?

In my opinion: a big fat NO!

But that’s only one little piece in a big world wide puzzle.

Some movies like ‘We feed the world‘ made by Erwin Wagenhofer, who also made the movie ‘let’s make money‘ shows how the whole industry is dominated by only a few organisations, how our’ food’ is produced and that no-one will ever be able to do something about it because the system is corrupt, controlled by a few and is based on money making, with no intention whatsoever, to take care of health, ecology, people or anything you would think producing food should be about. It also shows impressively, why ‘the west’ is responsible for the hunger in the world and all of the ecological problems.

Another very impressive person is Dr. Vandana Shiva. In the movie “Leben außer Kontrolle” which means ‘Life out of control’ she talks about the dangers of genetically engineered seeds and much more. She is fighting against big companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Aventis and many more which are connected in one way or another.

They’ve sold genetically engineered seeds to the indian farmers, and promised them that the seeds would produce more harvest, so they would earn more money and wouldn’t need herbicides or pesticides because of the immunity of the plants regarding threats like insects or pest plants. The farmers bought the seeds for unjustifiable high prices – four times what they normally paid –  and are now more than knee deep in debt so that thousands of farmers committed suicide, because the harvest didn’t live up to the promises of Monsanto. Of course Monsanto and all the others ensured their patent for all the seeds. Furthermore only because the seeds failed it isn’t the case that the seeds failed, at least from Monsanto’s point of view. Because that is what they want! Take a look here, a very nice article about that topic.

You think that all this is impossible? No it’s not. The right to own something is not based on where it originated, but who encoded the genes first. So then they have the patent and everybody has to obey their rules in working, using and growing seeds crops and everything you can think of.

And think of it: The effects of ‘gen-food’ are not yet and not nearly researched. Is the reason that 95% of scientist who are exploring this area of expertise work for big companies? Would it be in the interest of these companies to explain and clarify what they are doing behind closed doors? No, of course not!

The ONE and ONLY argument you get is that genetically engineering is: We can fight against the world hunger by producing more food.

That’s a good one, isn’t it? We have more food, more meat, more of everything than we need, but still thousands of people starve every day. This is not even sarcasm,  anymore this is cynicism!

I want to remind you of the ‘Codex Alimetarius’ I wrote about a few days ago.

You have to realize that he, who owns and/or controls  food, controls not only the population but everything. What do you do, when the only thing you can buy is food without any nutrition, any vitamins, minerals? What if you can eat as much as you want, but don’t get anything your body needs to be healthy? Code word: Schmeiser!

Many people argue, that this is ‘conspiracy theory’ but let me assure you, it is not! You just have to open your eyes to see the dots, the real picture can only be seen by them who connect the dots- that’s why I’m here. I want to help you connecting the dots, you haven’t seen yet. I want to get the ball rolling, because it is our only option to react, to protest and to change something.

Take this as an introduction to my week of civil disobedience!

Disobey and change something, whether you are an artguerilla or just boycott the food industry by buying ecologically produced food, or grow your own (which at some point will be either the only option or forbidden or both).

Tell your friends and family about. Create awareness and be aware.

What will be your answer when your child will ask one day: What did you do about it?

Do you really want to say: Well, I didn’t believe it and let it happen. Who would have thought that this could come true?

Not a good answer, is it? Don’t believe that rich people are the ‘moral elite’, that there are any rules, that are able to align them.

Break free of the bounds they (mainstream media, corporations, organizations, politics and companies) attached you to.

Because most of the things we’re told are lies that can only be found between the lines!

What’s for dinner?

So today, let us take a look at our food.

Every day we have to eat. We normally start with breakfast, then have lunch, eat dinner and some things in-between like fruits, sweets or something else we crave for. So, what about our food?

Have you heard of the “Codex Alimentarius”?

First of all: What is that codex?

It means “food code” and was officially invented 1962/63 by the WHO and the FAQ to introduce standards in food production, trade, hygiene, ingredients, nutrition and everything you can imagine. The main purpose, so the codex itself says is protecting “health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.”

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But the codex and it’s goals are quite controversial.

On the one hand there are the supporters whose arguments for the codex are: that it may help to build international and binding standards that will be able to help and assure people of the positive effects of the code for food production and as an effect of that for the consumers. Everything which could possibly be declared as food is regulated and defined, even ‘Mineral Water’.

On the other hand there are opponents that say quite the opposite. Small countries or developing countries could be disadvantaged also regional products, that may not withstand the standards because of their mode of production or so, and therefore could be banned from the market. Furthermore the codex could overthrow existing standards or strict regulations made by countries or regions.

Some of the biggest supporters of the code are giant food companies, that take part in many more activities than only producing food. The most terrifying example is Monsanto.

This ‘food producer’ is not only food producer, but a “multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation” that not only invented “Agent Orange” which came to public attention in the Vietnam War but also holds 90% of the various genetically engineered seeds worldwide. Founded in 1901 it bought and sold many different companies over the last century. Monsanto introduced saccharine (artificial sweetener) to the market. The list could be continued forever.

Monsanto also brought many small farmers to trial because they saved seeds for the following year, which is so to speak ‘verboten’. In question is also their production of the so called ‘Terminator seed‘ which produces sterile seeds so farmers have to buy new seeds every year and are not allowed to grow their own. Yes, right! Plants that are not able to reproduce themselves.

Though the question arises, why it should be necessary to produce sterile seeds, why it should be a welcome development if you patent genes and their combinations (pigs for example) so no-one is allowed to breed pigs that have the genes except you pay for the patent, Monsanto won this and many other trials.

So let’s consider that:

There is a codex, which  standardized food, food production, ingredients and  so on. A code which is supported mostly by big corporations and organisations for the purpose of public health and consumer safety.

This is what we are made to believe.

Then there are voices who are maybe not as official as all the others and are maybe even in question, but perhaps there is at least a little bit of truth to find.

For example Dr. Rima Laibow from the Natural Solution Foundation, who claims that the code will be used to control food supply and therefore what will be offered and declared as ‘food’ as a whole, that it will control what is allowed and what is prohibited as food/drinks and as food/drinks ingredients. If you’re interested in what she’s got to say take a look here.

It doesn’t really matter who of them is right, because one thing seems very clear: We don’t have a clue what is inside of our food or drinks, even if it is water.

Also nobody could control the gigantic corporation-government machine which imposes all these things on us.

And if you don’t believe in long term planning of the governments or corporations or organisations I have one last thing to tell you:

As it was stated at the beginning of this post, the “Codex Alimentarius” was invented in 1962/63 and was then planned to go global in december 2009.

I’m just wondering…