…and it’s really not about gender?

No it is not. I only want to inform you, world out there, about something very nice, the EU has riddled out for its people: The Eurogendfor.

If you’re wondering what that is, first of all, a link for you so you can research a little further than I will describe it.

This reputable force is OUR european special force which is allowed to intervene in all european and international states if there are riots or similar actions going on.

The Eurogendfor introduces itself as follows:

“EGF responds to the need to rapidly conduct all the spectrum of civil security actions, either on its own or in parallel with the military intervention, by providing a multinational and effective tool.
The EGF will facilitate the handling of crisis that require management by police forces, usually in a critical situation, also taking advantage from the experience already gained in the relevant peace-keeping missions.

EGF goal is to provide the International Community with a valid and operational instrument for crisis management, first and foremost at disposal of EU, but also of other International Organizations, as NATO, UN and OSCE, and ad hoc coalitions.”

So, I have a feeling that maybe the Eurogendfor will be participating in the greek demonstrations, in one or the other way. Which, in my view, is not a good idea. If my assumption will come true, it will be something like a test drive for this special force, to see how far they can go, how much they can hide from the public and how the media will be able to turn their actions  upside down or inside out, in other words: propaganda. At this point I may refer to the Lisbon Treaty and its additional protocols, especially the protocol No.6, which allows the death penalty and the use of violence in case of  riots, emergencies or war.

All of which remain to be defined, or will be defined by judges or our friends of the Eurogendfor. Nice name by the way.


It is important to connect the dots, this european super state is eager to blur in every way possible. So, if you read something like this post, start researching and start thinking about the future. Most of the people who actively designed this treaty and everything connected to it will never have to bear the consequences.

And again: Thanks EU for making our lives a lot saver!


UPDATE 12/08/2009:Young, beautiful – and very, very angry!

UPDATE: The violence rages on. The police brutality against citizens and demonstrators is outrages. Now, they even have policemen disguised as civilians, working together with the police, kicking and hitting demonstrators and even passers-by. My solidarity to all demonstrators. Please do not stop reporting. The world needs to see more than this propaganda on TV!! For more information, videos and photos please see this link.

One year ago the greek police shot a 15-year-old boy. What happened after that has become history – at least for some people. It had and still has influence on their daily lives, because since then, nothing seems to have changed. Even though their new president made many promises of which none has come true.

I’m of course talking about the riots in Greece, which took place a year ago and which were connected to great violence from every side. Police as well as demonstrators.

Since then we’ve heard a lot and often about Greece again. And so it is today.

The cities are burning, the country where democracy was born, has become a state of angry, young people, having and seeing no future, if the system goes on working like it is.

I’m against violence, because there is nothing that justifies it. But though I understand why it is used by some demonstrators. What to do in a country you have no perspective? Especially when you’re young and want to reach something? When your whole life is over before it has begun? When there is no chance to get a job, to have a health insurance, to build a home even to get your scratch of education?

This is of course a very dark way to put it, but nevertheless, from what I’ve heard and read, many people feel like that.

Thousands of people got to the streets and were demonstrating peaceful. It seems as if the police has orders to detain as many people as possible. The problem is, that only a fraction of what happens is shown and reported in the media, most of it shows the violence of the demonstrators and silences the fact that the police has its part in it as well.

Why, for example, are policemen allowed to overrun demonstrators by motorcycle? Whatever violence the demonstrators use – the force with wich the police reacts is more than is allowed, more than what should be possible and it should be stopped. It seems to me that the rage becomes publicly shown hate which justifies every step taken and manifests in killing and detaining demonstrators.

Please follow this link, to get more information from the activists point of view, watch the videos and think about what’s going on there. Learn more about their goals and reasons for the actions taken.

And apart from the violence, I’m saluting: the solidarity the greek are able to show each other, their endurance for protesting and for claiming what they believe to be right – real democracy and freedom, a perspective in life and a social state.

But it seems as if some people use the Greek as an excuse to burn police stations even in Germany. That was said by their news report “Tagesschau”.

But first things first.

In Berlin and Hamburg there were attacks against the offices of ministers and secretaries, and the “Bundekanzleramt”, like the office of the german chancellor. Those were only “colour attacks” meaning that balloons or similar things filled with colour were thrown at the walls and windows.

In Hamburg a police station was attacked with molotov cocktails and a few police cars burned down. No one was hurt. That was in the night from saturday to sunday.

Then the news reported that a text was given to a newspaper (Hamburger Morgenpost), where a group calling themselves “Koukoulofori” (which means something like the hooded or masked) claimed responsibility for these attacks and furthermore threatened to repeat the attacks. They legitimate their attacks with the dead of 15-year-old Alex last year and see it as protest against the regime in Greece.

Though the police thinks it is authentic, I prefer being a bit more careful. Who knows how this could be used to impose new regulations and anti-terror laws in every european and other country in this world. Because then it is not only the islamic terrorists, but the left-wing terrorists as well, they have to “protect” us from. There could be a lot more behind it than we now think of. But of course, that’s just conspiracy talk.

But again it is shown how any action any event in this world seems to affect the whole rest of it. How everything that is directed against the system is used by the same system and inverted to take it as a weapon against the people, who try to break free of it.

That’s why I don’t think violence will get us to where we want to go. But when you don’t know where you go, or if you can go – that’s a point of hopelessness, frustration and anger that breaks itself free of any scepticism and rational behaviour.

I don’t justify it, I only think that it’s human and so could happen to every single one of us given the right circumstances…

War Promises – Please watch!

Just a short YouTube documentary announcement:

The german filmmakers from NuoViso made a very good documentary called “war promises” which is now available in english as well as in german.

Please watch the documentary. It is not only informative but shows how war is created by different lobbies and politicians to earn money and oil and might. And why war seems to be a bottomless money-making machine!

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mAQVQtLSK8

Please watch it!

I also want to remind you that the Lisbon Treaty is in effect. Meaning that the EU now has a common foreign policy which is binding for every EU state. Every state has to participate in all actions which could be taken in regards of foreign relations. No matter if we want it or not – it will be done, like the history of the Lisbon Treaty has shown very clearly until now.

The countdown is – well, counting down

Today is a sad day, nevertheless, tomorrow will be even sadder.


Because only two days to go (including today) until the Lisbon Treaty is taking effect.

I meet many people believing in the lies our governments sell us – cold blooded and without even blinking. How is democracy supposed to work, when even in the parliament real democracy has to be searched with a magnifying glass?

I really do not understand those people, who support the Lisbon Treaty without even reading it. Most of the ministers and secretaries, who just wanted to get the Treaty through, do not till this day know what it is all about. Would you buy a car, if you don’t know that is has a motor? Would you buy a house in a swamp which is already sinking?

Well, the governments of europe really couldn’t care less what will happen to all the peoples in europe.

But worst of all: When elected members of the parliament called for a referendum, they were cleared from the room, their banners were taken, as well and it was all hushed up. No word in the daily propaganda called news.

You don’t believe me? Then watch this: MPEs Protest and want a referendum. This is our beloved and adored “democracy”? Who is fooled by that?

And the “head of the european superstate” van Rompuy and his colleague “what’s-her-name” Ashton? Did you vote for her or him? Ever heard of them before? Maybe you just didn’t listen closely enough!?

Oh, I forgot, they weren’t elected!! They were selected!!

Ah, the foul smell of lies and money!

I want to point out that there is a very good channel on YouTube, called europarl which shows debates from the EU parliament. You will be surprised what is going on behind the stage. More fascinating than this is, why we never hear or see anything about those debates on TV, read about them in the newspapers, when we are all members of the same centralized state and therefore not only have the RIGHT but the DUTY to be informed!

If the media does not do their job we have to take action and inform ourselves.

You want to know what happens to people in the EU Parliament speaking honestly about their opinion? You want to know how democratic our (powerless) parliament is? Do you want to know what happens to those, speaking openly about the lack of democracy in the EU?

Then watch this for a start.

I really recommend watching the videos on this channel. Get yourself informed for christ’s sake! Too many people believe the lies washing over us day by day staged by those benefiting from these very actions.

Your first question should always be: Cui bono? (Who benefits from it?)

Beginning there you should be able to find out what a big scam this kind of artificial, economic EU is and will be.

A democracy shouldn’t forbid people having a different opinion, that’s what a democracy is all about! Everybody, every part of a democracy small as it may be has the right to speak out and express their opinion!

Not so in the EU!

When you’re not with them, you are against them, meaning you should leave the EU. This is outrageous and should be IMPOSSIBLE in a democratic state which the EU always states it is. But, sorry I have to say that, wasn’t it the same with Mussolini, Lenin or Hitler or Hussein or Kim Jong Il? Or is it just that the same words mean different things today? Does democracy mean centralization? Does freedom of speech mean just say what is conform with the majority?

I don’t think so!

A big thanks from me to europarl and to Nigel Farage who’s got the guts to talk about the unbearable state of  “democracy”, about how our heads of state are selected rather than elected and what connections exist between certain groups and our “independent parliament” like Mario Borghezio did, too. Even Vaclav Klaus had some very good points.

Freedom, peace and wealth for everybody in the EU?

What a laugh!

(humming Chopin’s Funeral March while burying european democracy before it got started)

When you’re in Greece, do as the Greek do!

At last, I’m here again.

So many things I would like to write about, but today, in the light of the recent event, I would like to talk about Greece.

Do you remember the demonstrations, which took place in Greece. And do you remember the brutality which the protesters had to suffer from the police. If not, I would recommend to take a look here or there. But they’re just small examples.

I have to make very clear, that after a short period of time, Greece and the demonstrations were banned from the mainstream media and a different subject was inserted in the ‘coin slot’ of the recipient.

But, this time I had been lucky because a friend of mine had a  friend who was and is Greek and who took part and photos while demonstrating. So this time I knew what really was going on.

Immediately it was obvious that the coverage of the demonstrations showed only small parts of what was really happening. Because the main part was filled with aggressive and destroying protestors, but never showed what the police was doing.

Peaceful protestors were surrounded by thousands of policemen and weren’t allowed to move, to break through them or to leave the surrounded area, even if they were just passers by who wanted to go home, and weren’t actually involved in the demonstration. The administration was put  into question because of its political and social behaviour regarding the public.

So that was not even a year ago.

But now came revenge.

Greece voted. And they had one loud voice, that so to speak expelled the last administration from government and chose.

What they chose?

Well thy chose the conservative’s opponent and voted for Papandreou’s party with 44%, which seems like a very good result to me. So, congratulations my dear greek friends! I think that was the right choice. But it remains to be seen, if  they, and especially George Papandreou will live up to the expectations.

But it’s a good sign for everybody, and first and foremost for the Germans, that socialism is important and not yet beaten to death by the opponents of freedom and peace.

Of course many things must be done.

Only one thing is that Athens is totally overpopulated. That’s the reason why areas whose woods had burned to the ground in the hot summer were sold and covered up with buildings, even if they were illegal, without any interruption.

The only ones who really took care of the woods and what was left of them, who were sitting up on the hills surrounding the woods watching out for fires, were volunteers, who never saw any money for it, but though paid for all the equipment that was needed to do it. So, nice administration, eh? Really cared for what was happening to their environment and the people living there!

How come? Well if the secretary of the environment is the very same person as the secretary for urban and regional planning, ecology will never be part of the political purpose.

But that’s at an end now, so we hope.

Good luck and best wishes to Greece!

Would you please leave your fingerprint here, there and anywhere?

So the path is clear! Prepare yourselves because now it really is starting.

What? Why? Nothing happened? Well yes and no. So if you’ve read yesterday’s post you should have realized what happened in Germany. So they voted, the ‘new’ administration is now being created. So what is their agenda?

First and foremost it will be making germany ‘saver’. Therefore they will censor the internet, they’ve already enhanced police presence in railway stations, airports and public buildings. Justified by a terror thread that arrived just a few weeks before the election and which stated Germany should draw its troops from Afghanistan. Which they won’t, of course.

But that’s not the half of it: What was started by the last administration will be expanded by the ‘new one’ – the e-identity card.

What started with the international passport will now be extended to a much bigger scale. Interesting as well is, that this takes place all over the world. Let’s take a look at Scotland.

Foreign students were instructed by their teachers and professors to regularly verify their status as a student by using their ID-card, which already includes this chip. If they don’t align with that, people could come to the conclusion that they’d rather look for work than study. Isn’t that a nice conclusion?

So, we all seem to become terrorists. It starts with the ID-card which is equipped with a RFID-chip. Ever heard of that? If not, here’s a small abstract:

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. It is a very small chip which works as said above by radio frequency. It can be read by normal radio frequency scanning antennas mounted on the telephone poles and can be tracked in real time by ordinary windows systems.

So, in the US they’re a few steps ahead of us. There they’ve been trying for quite some time now to implant those chips under the skins  (called subcutaneous) of homeless people. Don’t believe it? Then take a look here and there and look it up for yourself.

It’s being used for a long time now to identify lost animals. With a radio frequency reader you can read the chip. Depending on the range of the chip and the reader, it is possible to read it up to 10 meters in range or more. By everyone who’s got a reader. Even in shops on the streets or when you’re sitting in a cafe: unnoticed, strangers will be able to get information about you, by you.

So (like the UK) Germany wanted to order every citizen to register their fingerprints, which would have been saved to create a database, which would enable police, Intelligence and so on, to identify every single person so to speak by touch. (In the busses even by your saliva. Because propaganda has it, that in the busses every bus driver and all other personal have a DNA testing kit. “And your DNA will be save for ever!”)

And everybody I talked to didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was talking about, because they hadn’t even heard of that project. Why? Because mass media doesn’t want to inform the public. Like Angela Merkel once said in the Parliament: “Some decisions don’t need to be discussed, they have to be made.” And a nice one is that, where she explains her interpretation of homeland security.

But thanks to data privacy protection the fingerprint was declared a “free decision”. So people who don’t want their fingerprints to be on the ID-card needn’t do it. But there is this governmental slight of hand, which could bring those, who don’t want to become a transparent citizen, to authority’s attention. Because, when you know, whose fingerprints you’ve got, you know, whose you don’t have.

With questions like: “Why don’t you want to give your fingerprints, if there’s nothing to hide!” is the one most likely to be asked. Surely one of the silliest questions, but either way, you will be made a suspect. Though lack of reason.

And again no one pays attention. A little demonstration here and there, nothing special. Some even think it is right. I call that global fascism.

But as time passes and all their projects progress the time will come when you’re woken up by officers, who were traffic wardens at least once upon a time, who kick your front door off its hinges and yourself onto your knees. Maybe because you’re the only one without a chip, maybe because you’re unemployed, or because you didn’t want to give your fingerprints, or maybe because you have a different believe system or because you had the wrong things for breakfast.

Whatever reason, they’ll find one to get you.

And for everyone, who doesn’t believe it, who thinks that things like that are impossible to be happening in our ‘modern and civilized’ society, I really recommend some history lessons. Look at what happened and still is happening all over the world, justified by the war on terror. Day by day in front of our eyes.

So I use the words of Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t trade unionist. Then they came for the jews, and I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

Don’t fall for their lies. Inform yourself and THINK for yourself.