What we can do!

You want to do something?
You are sick of being passive?
You’re angry, because politicians and the mainstream media is lying all the time?
You’re sick of being human resources?
If you can answer at least two of these questions with ‘yes’ then I have a few ideas, what to do:
You don’t have to be a member of a group to act. Talk to your friends, family and even strangers and wake them up.
Buy books, get informed and then share your knowledge with the world.
Search in the web for organizations, groups that share you world view and get in contact with them.
Inform yourself with the help of independet media, there are a lot of intelectuells and educated people, who see and comment what is going on.
Share all this information with your friends and family.
Make stickers, posters and/or labels and spread them in your circle of friends and in your neighbourhood and city.
Watch documentaries and share them and/or collect them on your own channel (like youtube or similar) to let people have the chance to participate.
In short: get the word out! Be active! Either way!


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